The Caribbean
    The notion of eSports in Caribbean is showing a lot of potential for further development.

    A single man is enough to get the idea going and growing. A witness to this statement is the Isaiah Johnson who after years of working in the USA in the eSports industry returned home to Caribbean and started to create the Caribbean eSports community all over the region. The world is full of regions that yet have to burst into the eSports stage. One such region is the Caribbean. However, in recent years, the situation is changing and there are really good indicators that eSports from this region will become the part of the world eSports stage. eSports in Caribbean has only started to develop but there are already some aspects that have put this region on a world map when it comes to the eSports industry.

    Caribbean eSports

    One of the most important names when it comes to the development of Caribbean eSports is Isaiah Triforce Johnson. Being the founder of Empire Arcadia he managed to create the eSports community in his home country, Jamaica. From there, he turned the eSports community into the fully operating eSports industry with many different tournaments and competitions being held all over the Caribbean region. Having the knowledge of the industry obtained through the years of working in the industry in the USA, Johnson managed to bring the eSports in Caribbean. Throughout the years, number of people involved in Caribbean eSports increased as well as the number who became the fans of the eSports industry. The main reason for that is the fact that the eSports tournaments have became available for the fans in the Caribbean due to the broadcast that was provided for them on Internet or on real TV stations.

    The Caribbean Competitions

    eSports in The Caribbean

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