Very quick rise in popularity, huge number of players as well as the spectators, big sponsors, full time coverage or 24/7 coverage of eSports events made eSports in Oceania very popular and brought New Zealand and mostly Australia into the world stage when it comes to the eSports industry.

    Over the years, eSports industry has reached all corners of the world including the Oceania as well. With the recorded constant rise in popularity of the Oceania eSports, it is quickly getting more and more attention from more and more players and spectators from both Australia and New Zealand.

    eSports in Australia and New Zealand

    Australia and New Zealand have not long been on the eSports world stage, but in the short time that they are present they made such an impact that only after short period of time they became very important players in the entire eSports industry in the world. The fact that witness the level of development and the popularity of the eSports in Oceania is that the Australia received a TV channel that is covering the eSports events all over the world 24 hours a day for 7 days in week. Some of the best eSports teams in the world feature players from this region making the eSports in Oceania very respectable notion.

    Just like the professional video gaming is attracting huge attention in every other part of the world, it is also attracting huge attention in the region of Oceania. New Zealand and Australia have become important destinations also for many important eSports tournaments as well as the place for the selling of eSports merchandise thanks to the huge number of people who follow the eSports events.

    Oceania Competitions


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