Central America
    the well-being of its inhabitants, the eSports industry is gaining popularity in this region as well. With many different eSports tournaments being held all over the region, and a number of players participating in eSports tournaments internationally, Central America is displaying great potential for further development in terms of eSports.

    Central America is slowly becoming a very important region for the eSports industry because more and more people are getting involved in many different aspects of the eSports industry.  With video games being popular in all parts of the world, it is no wonder that even less developed areas are also becoming part of the eSports industry.

    Central America & eSports

    Considering that the number of people in Central America who do not have the access to the Internet is one of the biggest in the world, the fact that eSports is gaining popularity even in these areas indicates that eSports in Central America has the following which is getting bigger with every tournament. Just like almost all parts of the world, Central American eSports are gaining popularity through many different eSports tournaments organized over the years by the Mexican eSports League. These tournaments feature different competition in some of the most popular eSports video games ever such as League of Legends, Overwatch, Hearthstone and World of Tanks.

    Additionally, the number of active players from the region of Central America participating in the eSports tournaments all over the world has been significantly increasing throughout the last couple of years. Even though the eSports in Central America is in the initial phases of development, it is still displaying a lot of potential and willingness of people from Central America to participate in all aspects of eSports industry in Central America.

    Central America Competitions

    eSports in Central America

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