Wargaming built its popularity with its flagship game World of Tanks and the platform is used to offer a seamless gaming experience to its players.

    Wargaming Group Limited or wargaming.net is the international developer of games who also publishes games. This developer's headquarters are located in the capital city of Belarus, Minsk. The main focus of this game developing company are TBS and RTS games. Some of those games include Massive Assault franchise, Order of War and many others. In 2009, there was a big turn in the developing policy in this company. In 2009, Wargaming Group Limited shifted to developing the games are free-to-play for players who want to play it online.

    Wargaming Group Limited is the company that was responsible for the development and release of one of the most popular games currently in the world, World of Tanks. The success that came with that game enabled these developers to look to the future and to search for new employees that will share their philosophy and develop games that are free-to-play online. Currently there are more than 1 500 people who are working for Wargaming Company in cities such as Singapore, Seoul, Berlin, Cyprus, San Francisco, Chicago, Sydney and many others. The list of cities in which Wargaming currently has offices included the names of 40 cities.

    The biggest success this company had with World of Tanks, a game that was developed as a free-to-play game and working on the success that that game has brought, Wargaming became of the biggest and most successful developer of free-to-play games in the world. World of Tanks currently has 55 million active and registered users which makes it a game with one of the biggest number of active players in the market.

    One of the problems that this developing company faced through the years was the accusations that wargaming.net is not safe or legit and that it is some kind of fraud. However, after reading many reviews that users of this platform send we can say that wargaminig.net is totally safe and legit platform that will make you enjoy playing the free-to-play games that they have developed. Truth be told, there is some negative feedback and it deals mostly with the security of the users' accounts. However, this issue was addressed by the CEO of the company and he stated that the problem is being solved and that users have not reasons for concern because their accounts have always been safe.

    After the initial success that the World of Tanks had among the players, the Wargaming company considered developing the game for some others gaming platforms. After certain time, Wargaming Company stated that it has developed the game of World of Tanks for gaming platforms such as Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 4 which made the game even more popular as it opened on the totally new market.


    Among all of the game developing companies, Wargames.net or Wargaming Group Limited proved that having the approach of developing free-to-play games can pay off. What is also important is the fact that players have not lost the confidence in this developer and that the popularity has risen since shifting to this approach.

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    • 4

    I don’t care much for one trick ponies, but I’ll gladly make an exception for Wargaming.net. These guys have produced a couple of decent games, I give them that. If it wasn’t for World of Tanks, the platform would’ve sunk into near irrelevance, slowly, like an old man into a hot tub. You have to give them credit for running the game so smoothly despite tens of thousands of people playing simultaneously. Add to this the fact they proved that tanks can substitute convincing characters in MMOs. You gotta love them, right?


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    Developer: Wargaming
    Type: Online market, Multiplayer gaming platform
    Release Date: Jan 1, 2012

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