Steam uses its own online store to provide players with easy access to the best games from Valve and other leading software developers.

    If you are a PC gamer, it is very likely that you are already familiar with Steam, as many of the world’s most popular video games are powered by this gaming platform. Originally released all the way back in 2003 as a platform for downloading upgrades for several popular video games, Steam has grown into the largest giant in the video game industry.

    Today, Steam features an extensive database of free to play games and the ones you need to pay for, and you can download them all right off the client. Steam also offers communication tools, an opportunity to watch various video content and so much more.

    Steam Features

    The most commonly used feature of Steam is probably the Steam store. The store allows gamers on PC, Mac and Linux operating systems to purchase all the latest releases and the upcoming games through a very simple online process. There are thousands of titles already available for purchase in the Steam store.

    Steam is much more than just a game store however, as Valve has developed an intricate system steam actually works for the end user. When you purchase or download free Steam games, you will have to use your Steam account to play them in the future. You will collect badges, be able to communicate with other players and earn real world prizes as you play the Steam powered games.

    Starting Out With Steam

    Steam platform is literally a necessity for PC gamers nowadays. With so many popular titles powered by Steam and the platform giving such a vast array of options, you will absolutely want to download it to your PC.

    For eSports professionals and wannabes, Steam is a type of a ground zero, as so many eSports are also based on the Steam engine. If you are looking for a step into the eSports arena, start it off by downloading Steam first.

    STEAM Competitions


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    Do you have money in your pocket and want to get rid of it without having regrets later? That’s Steam for ya’. Why not spend a small fortune on hundreds of games, ranging from the very best to indie titles that you won’t play at all? That’s my story but I think there are plenty of people out there who can relate to it. If you can refrain from embarking on a spending spree, you’ll find dozens of amazing games here. It’s also super convenient, that you can have all of them at your fingertips.


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