PlayStation Portable
    PlayStation Portable is Sony’s take on handheld gaming consoles, aimed as a competitor to Game Boy Advance and preceding PlayStation Vita.

    PlayStation Portable is the handheld gaming console that was developed by Sony in their effort to tackle and challenge the popularity of the already existing handheld gaming consoles such as Game Boy Advance and DS. The console was released back in 2004 in Japan while in the rest of the world it was released during the following year.

    Working on the success of the PlayStation 2, Sony introduced PlayStation Portable or PSP and it offered a really sophisticated graphics as well as the media that functioned appropriately. PlayStation Portable enables users to play the games that were in the rank of PlayStation 2 in regards to graphics. However, it also provided its users with the opportunity for playing music and video content. Although PSP did not offer anything new in regards to handheld gaming experience that leveled that from Nintendo, it still managed to find its way to users.

    However, after the initial phase of excitement many users reported that PlayStation Portable was not what they were hoping for. The problem was not the system itself but rather what followed the system. The games that were launched for this console were nothing special according to the users. To them, it seemed that Sony has rushed a bit with this console in order to stay head to head with the competition that truth be told had consoles with better performances than PSP.


    PlayStation Portable was the predecessor of PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Vita Slim and it was the first attempt by Sony to enter the market of the handheld gaming consoles. Although it might have not been very successful it created basic elements for Sony to use in their future handheld gaming consoles. Although PSP did not offer anything new in regards to handheld gaming, it was still a good platform for those users who did not have a lot of demands from their consoles.

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    Do you still remember how fun it was to play games on the move before smartphones came along? I do, and let’s just say that PSP made my childhood awesome. Sony did a hell of a job with that device and the gadget I own still works. Let’s not forget that this is the grand-grandparent of the modern handheld gaming consoles we enjoy so much today. Too bad developers are not releasing anything new for it :( .


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    AKA: PSP
    Developer: Sony Interactive Entertainment
    Product Family: PlayStation
    Type: Handheld game console
    Release Date: Dec 12, 2004

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