PlayStation 3
    PlayStation 3 is Sony’s seventh generation game console and the first to host major eSports tournaments for FIFA, NBA 2K and Call of Duty.

    PlayStation 3 is seventh generation game console by Sony Interactive Entertainment, developed as the successor to PlayStation 2 and was a major step forward in the gaming industry itself when released in 2006. It was a direct competitor to Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii and it sold more than 85 million units!


    With just 20 and 60GB of Hard Drive initially available, the console is best-known for putting in use Blu-ray disc drive and utilizing it in one of the best multimedia players available for movies, music and more. The console was later improved with many new features, among which the hard drives went up to 500 GB with Slim and Super Slim editions.

    The PlayStation 3 processor is made of a 3.2 GHz PPE (Power Processing Element) and eight SPEs (Synergistic Processing Elements), known as the Cell architecture which was advanced for the time but was later overgrown and replaced in PlayStation 4. Graphics was enabled through S-Video, RGB SCART, D-Terminal, and HDMI which only enabled the higher resolutions of 720p, 1080i, and 1080p. It‘s handled by NVIDIA RSX Reality Synthesizer, pumped with 256 MB of XDR DRAM.

    Major Games and eSports

    With millions of devices sold worldwide, PS3 was one of the most important eSports machines with many games exclusively made for the console, such as The Last of Us, Uncharted series, God of War III, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, and many more. The console also hosted tourneys with many other games such as EA Sports’ FIFA series, NBA 2K, Call of Duty and more.

    The Reception

    Although PlayStation 3 was initially criticized for the high price and the processing architecture, the console was producing high-quality graphics and had amazing potential for its Blu-ray options, and with continuous improvements and price revisions it held in the top of console gaming for years.

    PlayStation 3 Competitions


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