PlayStation 2
    PlayStation 2 is the longest lasting console from Sony, charming players for more than a decade and allowing them to watch movies too.

    PlayStation 2 is the gaming console that was developed and released by Sony Computer Entertainment. This gaming console was first released back in 2000 in Japan and in the next several months this console was released in Europe and other parts of the world. The most interesting thing about this console is the fact that it managed to stay popular in the market for 13 years and Sony announced in 2013 that PlayStation 2 is being decommissioned and that it will not be produced any more.

    Those gamers who actually decided to purchase PlayStation 2 were really surprise with the graphics and the high-quality sound system that this gaming console provided them with. The unboxing of the PlayStation 2 revealed that it came with the A/V cord and that cord was used to connect the console to the TV. Soon after the release of this console in 2000, Sony Computer Entertainment announces that PlayStation 2 will soon support HDTV resolutions which was a direct punch in the face to their main competition Xbox who already offered that possibility.

    Besides being a good platform for playing video games, PlayStation 2 also provided its users with the possibility of watching movies using this console. However, over time, PlayStation proved to be not so good platform for playing DVDs and watching movies and that became of the main issues on which Sony will work in the future period to improve on previous versions. Sony also offered the possibility of certain expansions. One such expansion was the introduction of the online service that enable users to have more storage memory in order to store the new levels and new items for the game. 


    The longevity of the PlayStation 2 says enough about the quality of this gaming console. It was a crucial platform that was used a basis for every other PlayStation gaming console that came in the future. For those who are basing their selection of gaming console on the number of available games for that console, PlayStation 2 was the clear choice because at that time it was compatible with the biggest number of games in comparison to other gaming consoles.

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