Nintendo Wii
    Nintendo Wii was the first console in the series to challenge Sony's PlayStation and Microsoft's Xbox by introducing innovative features.

    The Wii is the console for playing video games that was developed and released by Nintendo in 2006. At that time, Sony's PlayStation 3 and Microsoft's Xbox 360 were dominating the market of the gaming consoles. Because of that, Nintendo Wii was already in the inferior position because Sony and Microsoft have established themselves in the gaming world and Wii was just being introduced. However, despite all the disadvantages that Wii face, it still performed very well in the market.

    Even in the initial phases of breaking through on the market Wii had already released the versions of games such as Super Mario Brothers, Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart that were adjusted to the Wii platform. Important role in breaking through on the market of this console had the games previously developed by Nintendo that came as a part of the initial packet including games such as the Super NES and the Sega Genesis. Soon after that, more than 1 700 games became available for players using the Wii console with additional more than 600 games that were available at the Virtual Console from where users where able to download those games.

    One of the most noticeable and talked about feature of the Nintendo Wii is most definitely the controller. There are several functions that this controlled provides the users with. However two most important and most noticeable functions are gamepad functions and especially motions controls. Motions controls work on the basis of optical sensor that tracks the movement of the user. This feature was actually the most innovative feature of the new Wii and probably one of the main reasons why Wii had so much success in the gaming community. There is also a second controller that comes in the package with the Wii called Nunchuck. This controlled is bit weird and many users do not see the purpose of having two controllers when one is able to perform of the functions.

    Another feature that was very interesting for the gaming community is the Wi-Fi adapter that came as a built in element of the Nintendo Wii and its main purpose is to have the access to the Internet in order to be able to access the Virtual Console. Nintendo Wii also provides the users with Internet browser that is called Internet Channel whose purpose is to be used by users to search for available games and to download them. All available games can be obtained from the Wii Shop Channel. One difference between Wii and other popular gaming consoles is that Wii does not support playing movie or reading any DVD. However, what Wii does provides and the other do not is the possibility to access that content through Netflix and YouTube that are included in the channels.


    The release of the Nintendo Wii marked a revolution in the gaming community because it introduced several features that other gaming consoles did not think about including them in their packages. The newer versions of the Nintendo Wii include all of the features from previous version that made Wii so popular in the gaming community. Before Wii was released the market of the gaming community was dominated by Sony's PlayStation franchise and the Microsoft's Xbox but after the release that situation changed.

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    • 5

    Now this is one console that has frustrated me beyond belief at some point. Looking back, I’m happy I didn’t put it away and decided to persevere instead. I wouldn’t trade those challenging times for anything. Oh the memories…. Super Mario Brothers, Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart were every bit as good van as they are today. Perhaps even better, because I was younger. The feeling of motion, the sheer freedom and the hundreds of games that made any Wii owner feel like the King of the Castle…


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