Nintendo DS
    Nintendo DS was the first console developed by Nintendo, introducing smaller cartridges, better batteries and a Wi-Fi connection.

    Nintendo DS is the console for video gaming that was developed and released by Nintendo in 2004. Nintendo DS (Developers' System or Dual Screen) introduced a feature that was not seen before on such video gaming consoles and that is the two LCD screens that were intended to be used combined when playing games on this video gaming console. The bottom LCS screen serves as a touchpad that can be used to selecting certain features in the game of moving around the character. 

    Cartridges and Dimensions

    Just like many video gaming consoles before Nintendo DS, this video gaming console requires cartridges in order to play the game. However, the cartridges that Nintendo DS uses are much smaller than cartridges for some other video gaming consoles. Because of that this console is way more practical, fits the hand much better and easier than other gaming consoles even though the dimensions of Nintendo DS are larger than some other consoles from this company such as Game Boy Advance. 

    Other Features

    Besides smaller cartridges, the Nintendo DS video gaming console also provides features such as microphone, headphones jack as well as the GBA cartridge slot. Besides all of the features that were mentioned before, this console for video games provides also possibility for a player to connect to the Internet through the Wi-Fi connection that actually works surprisingly well on this console. The duration of the battery is also very important feature of this video gaming console.

    Comparing the duration of the batter with the same feature on some other console we can see that the battery lasts longer on Nintendo DS (more than 6 hours) than on some other consoles. However, it must be mentioned that Nintendo DS does not provide the feature of playing music or video content on the consoles and that might be the main reason why the battery is lasting so much longer than with other similar consoles.

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    AKA: iQue DS
    Developer: Nintendo
    Product Family: Nintendo DS family
    Type: Handheld game console
    Release Date: Nov 21, 2004

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