Mobile Phone
    Smartphones and tablets fall into the category of mobile phones and these gaming platforms have advanced so much that are even suitable for eSports.

    Mobile devices have been taking over our entire lives in recent years, and gaming is one aspect of our everyday lives that has moved into the mobile arena for a good part. Many companies have recognized this and decided to introduce video games that offer a high degree of competition into the mobile platforms.

    Whether you use an iPhone or Android powered device, there are dozens of games out there where you have a chance to compete and actually profit from being highly skilled at a mobile game. From racing to arcade games, there are tournaments for just about any type of a mobile game out there, if you look hard enough.

    Mobile Games And Tournaments

    If anyone told you eSports would be a thing 10 years ago, you may have easily dismissed them. Today however, eSports are more than just a reality, they are the fastest growing type of sports on the planet.

    The new unimaginable thing in town now are the mobile eSports, and guess what, those are becoming a thing of reality as well. Companies like Skillz have been introducing this eSports for everyone concept, hoping to get the housewives and other amateurs who love playing skill based games on their mobile devices into the eSports world.

    While this was certainly a major undertaking, it seems the experiment is very much working out and there are now more mobile games tournaments available with real cash prizes than you could have imagined a mere year ago.

    Getting Started With Mobile eSports

    Mobile eSports are still in infant stages, but with more and more sites offering mobile games tournaments, it seems quite plausible that a big part of the eSports crowd will move into the mobile arena, where things are more accessible, more convenient and faster.

    If you own a mobile device, there is no reason you should not try signing up for some mobile tournaments and see how you do.

    Mobile Phone Competitions


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