OS X operating system powers Mac computers and the most popular eSports and the latest games are now developed to run on Apple’s platform.

    For a very long time, decades in fact, Mac was not really considered as an option for any kind of gaming, let alone the professional kind. The reasons were very simple. Where PC users were capable of upgrading their entire hardware every year or two, Mac users were set with what they had.

    While this has not changed, Apple has been creating more and more machines designed with gamers in mind, which can support the incredibly high needs video game developers have been setting. In combination with this, more and more video games have been getting made for Mac’s OS X in recent years, allowing the console to finally thrive somewhat in the gaming community.

    Titles And The Choice

    Many popular eSports like League Of Legends, Starcraft II, Counter Stirke: Global Offensive and World Of Warcraft are available for the Mac users. This means in theory, a Mac can be used by professional eSports teams.

    In reality however, it is the PC that wins out. The sheer amount of hardware you can insert and take out of the PC, coupled with the much lower prices and more adaptability in every sense puts the PC in an advantage that cannot be overestimated. Add to that the fact that there are still way more games coming out for PC, and you have a clear winner, but the Mac is certainly fighting back in recent years.

    Competitive Gaming On Macs

    If you are a Mac gamer, which is not a very common category of gamers, there are plenty of opportunities for you to enter competitive eSports tournaments. Mac versions of the eSports that are available are just as solid as the ones on PC, and there is really very little difference.

    It is important to note that few professional eSports teams ever really use Mac as their platform, but you can certainly compete and be relevant if you are a Mac user in the eSports arena as well.

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    AKA: Mac OS X,OS X
    Developer: Apple
    Product Family: Unix-like, Macintosh
    Type: Operating system
    Release Date: Mar 24, 2001

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