Linux is an operating system used by programmers and savvy users, whose popularity prompted videogame developers to port their flagship titles.

    Linux is the operating system for computers that was developed as free and opensource operating system. The model of this operating system implied that every user should be able to obtain it without paying any amount of money. In the initial phases of development, Linux was being developed only for Intel x86 computer architecture but through time it got developed for almost all platforms out there.

    One of the advantages of Linux is that it is under far less danger to be attacked by malwares. However, one of the biggest disadvantages of Linux is that many programs that have been developed for other operating system will not work in Linux which might cause problems for users who require those programs.  On the other hand, Linux also has several softwares that are developed exclusively for Linux and those are mostly games that can only be played in Linux operating system. Some of these games are Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Superhot, Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition, and many others.

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    I really do not recommend any linux based systems for gaming.


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    Developer: Community
    Product Family: Unix-like
    Type: Operating system
    Release Date: Sep 17, 1991

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