Capcom is a platform ran by the prestigious software developer that created Street Fighter and the place where players compete in the Capcom Pro Tour.

    Fighting games have been a staple of all gaming for decades. We can all remember the old Street Fighter and Mortal Combat games and with the entire world going crazy for eSports, it was about time fighting games found a valuable place in the eSports arena.

    Street Fighter V is currently the most popular fighting eSport and Capcom Pro Tour is featuring events in this exact game as they are currently the number one stop for competitive fighting game players.

    The Capcom Pro Tour was founded in 2014 and is currently sponsored by the likes of Vertagear, Floko.tv and Xsplit. The tour features a number of live events on a yearly basis, with the goal of determining the absolute best fighting games player in the world.

    Capcom Pro Tour Game And Rules

    The name of the game at Capcom Pro Tour at the moment is Street Fighter II. In 2016, the tour stands with an astounding $500.000 prize pool, to be distributed among the very best gamers in the world. At the end of the year, the best players of the entire year will compete in the Capcom Cup, with a place possible to win in a number of ways.

    With 11 major events through the year along with Regional Leaderboards and Regional Finals, the tour attracts millions of players and their fans from around the globe, until one final stage is set to award the grand prize for one of the 32 absolute top players in the world.

    Capcom Pro Tour’s Place In eSports

    Events such as Capcom Pro Tour actually show us that there is plenty of interest in all types of eSports, not just the absolute most popular ones. The ever expanding eSports market is introducing new games on a yearly basis, and CPT has the goal of keeping fighting games from being forgotten in this mix.

    If you are a fighting games aficionado, you should probably consider trying to pursue the CPT and if you don’t believe your skill levels are high enough, there is nothing wrong with just observing your favorite players.

    CAPCOM Competitions


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