Will Overwatch Be A Successful eSport?
    By Vedran Ostojic on Nov 21, 2016

    Blizzard Entertainment are without a doubt one of the greatest giants in the games industry and it is clear that their latest baby, Overwatch, was meant for eSports greatness from the release date. The game has already had a few major appearances on the eSports scene, most notably the Overwatch World Cup at this year’s Blizzcon and has been making quite a few headlines.

    The question now, six months after the launch of this immensely fun game is, does Overwatch have what it takes to actually become one of the more successful eSports?

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    Unlike some other popular eSports like Dota 2 or Call Of Duty, Overwatch was designed with simplicity in mind. While there is a ton of strategy and skill at play, a casual player will surely learn the basics of Overwatch and start having fun with the game much faster than they would in these other games.

    For a big part this is due to the loadout system which does not make the player make complex decisions right off the bat. Instead, players can simply pick a character and start playing with preset skills and weapons which never change.

    The ability of the players to change their characters mid-game and quickly adapt to what the other team is doing also makes the game more fun and enjoyable and at times hectic. Hectic is good however, as it means the gameplay will be more fun for the casual players who are essential if a game is to actually be a great eSports, as such a thing cannot happen without a huge customer base.

    While there are still things to improve in Overwatch, Blizzard have been patching and changing the game constantly in an effort to comply with what the fans are saying while maintaining their idea of a more fun and more relaxed eSport.

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