The National Basketball Association is Ready to Embrace eSports
    By Frankie Price on May 13, 2017

    2K is one of the leading producers of sports video games and apparently the most popular when it comes to . That’s why it comes as no surprise that the National Basketball Association chose them for the inaugural season of their eSports competition. It will go by the name of NBA 2K eSports League and will begin in 2018, with a total of 17 different franchises featured. The enthusiasm among NBA teams for the fast rising electronic sports is significant and the league is expected to bring fans closer together.

    An Important Milestone for Basketball

    It was the NBA Commissioner Adam Silver that announced the NBA 2K eSports League back in February. More details were shared by the managing director Brandon Donahue, last week and more information is expected to surface this month. Officials from the 17 partner teams are also optimistic about the newly announced venture and see tremendous potential for growth. The NBA 2K eSports League is expected to appeal to young people who don’t necessarily play basketball, but love the sport.

    Past performance of other popular sports that made their debut in eSports is also encouraging. The FIFA franchise is currently the most played, given its impeccable track record and the sheer popularity of football. Basketball teams try to seize this opportunity and build a new fan base by tapping into the immense potential of video games. The numbers also speak for themselves, as 17 franchises were interested in joining the NBA 2K eSports League, despite initial estimations of only 8-10 teams.

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