The League of Legends European Cup replaces the EU Challenger Series
    By Frankie Price on Dec 22, 2017

    The EU Challenger Series has produced several winners over the course of time and left players with many pleasant memories. However, this otherwise popular competition was recorded and a new one will replace it. The same goes for the relegation series, with a new event European Cup that will act as a substitute for both of them. For League of Legends players, the changes are not going to be significant, with a very similar format being chosen for the new competition.

    Riot has announced its intention of making several changes to its current format back in October and they will roll out in early 2018. The tournament will conclude simultaneously with the split playoffs in the EU LCS, so there won’t be any scheduling conflicts for professional players. This means a great deal for those who made it to the top of the hierarchy and have a busy schedule every year.

    10 regions and plenty of leagues

    The League of Legends European Cup will bring together players from all over Europe and all important countries are featured. There are a total of 10 regions, with France, Germany, Austria, the Switzerland, then Nordics, Poland, Spain, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Italy, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the Balkans being featured. There are talented players in all these parts of Europe and they are expected to showcase their skills in the new tournament.

    The competition has a straightforward format, with champions from each league to compete in a tournament that lasts no more than three weeks. Eventually, the best team will be crowned ERL champion and receive a share of the guaranteed prize pool. Riot has announced its intention of revealing more details about the competition in January 2018.

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