The Gaming World Braces for the Release of Nintendo Switch
    By Frankie Price on Jan 12, 2017

    For a while, Sony and Microsoft have dominated the console wars, with their PlayStation and Xbox devices. Nintendo has returned into the spotlight and their next device promises to be something special. The company will be holding two distinct events, one in New York and the other in Tokyo in January. It will use this occasion to shed more light on the upcoming console called Nintendo Switch.

    The first rumors about the device surfaced in October when Nintendo came up with a reveal trailer. The video was uplifting for the fans and was largely responsible for all the hype surrounding the new console’s release. Nintendo Switch will have a couple of original features, while improving the ones already popular with the fans. The two detachable controllers can be connected to a TV set and the device will also support a couple of new accessories.

    Plenty of Questions to be Answered

    Nintendo purposely kept some information away from the prying eyes of enthusiastic fans. It is uncertain how much the device will cost, but it is expected that the final amount will range between $250 and $300. The company has always had the policy of producing less expensive consoles, which is supposed to give them a fighting chance against the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. If the numbers prove to be true, then the basic device will be more affordable.

    In addition to sporting a lower price, Nintendo Switch is also supposed to stand out from the crowd with its innovative features. The fact that players can detach the two sides of the controller or use them together gives them more freedom to play various games. In terms of sheer power, the fans are hoping that the new console will be on par with Sony and Microsoft devices. Past performance suggest that Nintendo was always at a disadvantage, with underpowered gadgets.

    Nintendo Switch is also expected to feature a touch screen and rumors are that it will be around 6.2 inches and feature a 720p display. Those who acquire the device will be able to play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Dragon Quest XI and many more exciting games.

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