The Esports Balkan League Join the League of Legends European Division
    By Frankie Price on Dec 29, 2017

    League of Legends has set some important milestones in 2017 and the popular videogame is expected to thrive next year. There are several major tournaments scattered all over Europe and a new event is going to bring together some of the best teams from the old continent. Riot Games has announced a brand-new LoL championship reserved to the teams from the Balkans and it will start in spring.

    The Esports Balkan League is going to include host teams from a dozen countries from this part of Europe. It will serve as a European Regional League and it will have a guaranteed prize pool of €120,000. The thing about this competition is that it isn’t reserved exclusively to the popular MOBA title, but will also attract Counterstrike Global Offensive Teams.

    A Springboard for eSports in the Balkans

    Riot has high expectations from the upcoming Esports Balkan League which is expected to drive further interest to its already popular game. Eight participating teams are going to go against each other in a round-robin format and four of them will advance to the next round. Competition will be intense right from the start, but things will get truly interesting in the semifinals.

    The Esports Balkan League will reward the local champions, but two teams will be facing relegation at the end of the tournament. In the opening event, the winners walked away with €10,000 and much more money is expected to be awarded in 2018. The tournament came a long way and now that it has the support of Riot it is expected to attract even more professional teams.

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