Surprising Loot Boxes Threat for Overwatch Players from Belgium
    By Frankie Price on Nov 18, 2017

    Overwatch has quickly become the most popular game developed by Blizzard Entertainment and its popularity continues to grow worldwide. Loot boxes are very important tool for keeping players motivated and they are much appreciated by people worldwide. Those who reside in Belgium have good reasons to fear the national Gaming Commission who took these loot boxes into its crosshairs.

    The Belgian Gaming Commission is apparently concerned about the fact that the game is not properly marketed towards children. It fears that the latter are likely to spend a lot of money from their parents’ accounts on loot boxes, without knowing what they get. So far a decision hasn’t been reached, but if the commission decides that loot boxes are gambling, bad things will happen. The developers will have to choose between pulling the game from the shelves or pay significant fines.

    Problems Looming for Overwatch Fans

    In China, this issue was tackled in late 2016 and a compromise was reached. Game developers had to publish the percentages of loot boxes, so prospective customers can make an educated decision. It is also mandatory that they publish the random draw results on the game’s website or on the home pages of the video game developers.

    Players have the option of not using loot boxes altogether, but by doing so, it will take longer for them to progress with the game. Blizzard is not the only targeted company and other game developers were given a hard time by national regulators who regarded loot boxes and micro-transactions as gambling.

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