Student Players to Compete in the Overwatch Tespa Summer Series
    By Frankie Price on Jul 8, 2017

    Overwatch has emerged as one of the most popular eSports in 2017, with twice as many tournaments than last year. Blizzard continues to aggressively promote its latest games and has signed a new partnership with Tespa. This agreement has produced a brand-new tournament, aimed at attracting the student audience and scheduled to start in July. It will go by the name of Tespa Summer Series and for exactly one month, it will bring together the best players from Canadian and US universities.

    A Unique Opportunity for Collegiate Players

    Blizzard plans on using Tespa to promote its game among collegiate players after using the same strategy for Heroes of the Storm. Last year, the MOBA Heroes of the Storm was a major hit among students from North America universities. ESPN quickly picked up on the vibes and decided to broadcast live the competitions. Facebook is also interested in jumping on the bandwagon and has secured exclusive streaming rights for the tournament.

    Overwatch is expected to follow the same upward trajectory and events such as the Summer Series act as a magnet for the young audience. Blizzard has announced its intention to expand its college leagues and is actively looking for investors. The company has a steep asking price, but the return on investment promises to be spectacular and likely to convince these reluctant investors. Those who participate in the Tespa Summer Series can win significant amounts and the winners will also receive the Overwatch hero Reaper statue to acknowledge their gaming prowess.

    Will Overwatch Be A Successful eSport?

    A new player will surely learn the basics of Overwatch and start having fun with the game much faster but can Overwatch shape itself to be a successful eSport?


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