Share Your eSports Achievements with Friends and Followers with MyMatch
    By Frankie Price on Jul 10, 2017

    With eSports on the rise, the community of active players is also expanding at an accelerated pace. Professional and amateur players are willing to share their experiences and games with their peers. With that in mind, 1StopeSports is now offering a brand new tool meant to simplify how one's achievements and stats can be followed - MyMatch.

    MyMatch is here to provide the ultimate environment for showcasing achievements, stats and results in prestigious tournaments. Players no longer have to go through several places to collect and compile data, because MyMatch does everything automatically.

    Make Yourself Known to the World

    Popular first-person shooter such as Call of Duty, MOBA flagship titles like Dota 2 and League of Legends and real-time strategy games are played by millions. Players only know about thousands of them at best, so it can be pretty difficult to make a name for yourself.

    MyMatch provides the tools, the setting and a user-friendly interface for regular people to develop a cult following. Anyone can use it to follow a player, see their stats and watch all the relevant games immediately after their conclusion.

    Set-up in A Few Clicks

    No longer do players have to do everything manually by going through all kinds of commands. MyMatch has greatly optimized the process, so all that players need to do is sign up and enter their Twitch username to connect the data. You are literally no more than a few clicks away from sharing all the statistics and results you regard as relevant with the entire community. When you follow players on MyMatch you can immediately see the tournaments they signed up for, all the results and the money won.

    Sign-up Now - It's Free

    The MyMatch service is free - available to anyone who registers with 1StopeSports. Try it out now!

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