Rocket League Tournament Live on ESPN3 On July 14
    By Frankie Price on Jul 3, 2017

    Rocket League quickly grew beyond a niche video game into an eSports phenomenal. The surge in the number of active players has prompted major TV networks to add it to the lineup of games that they will broadcast live. Recently NBC Sports announced its intention of running a tournament that will go live on their TV network. ESPN3 is the latest to join the fray and it will include it among the games played in this year’s X Games.

    FACEIT Brings Rocket League to ESPN

    The UK event organizer and eSports tournament platform brokered the deal and brought the popular video game to ESPN3 viewers. Several games were considered for the summer tournament and the addition of Rocket League came as a pleasant surprise. Only the most exciting games will be broadcasted live, but the fans will have the possibility of watching them all after they conclude.

    Rocket League developer Psyonix regard this as a major step forward for the franchise, one that provides them with the impetus to improve the game. There will be several tournaments broadcasted at the X games, but the Rocket League portion will start on July 14. It will air for two days until July 16 and the tournament will have a guaranteed prize pool of $75,000.

    X Games organizers are trying to add more sports inspired video games, which have closer ties to the extreme sports industry. Rocket League players can expect a hot summer ahead, in the wake of the partnerships with NBC Sports and X Games. Last but definitely not least, they are right to celebrate the game’s arrival to Nintendo Switch, as the announcement was made at the E3.

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