Riot Rewards the Best and Friendliest League of Legends Players
    By Frankie Price on Sep 4, 2017

    The League of Legends community is one of the biggest online but at the same time one of the most toxic. In order to curb the natural inclination of players to insult others and complain all the time, the developers have introduced the concept of honor. Those who respect their teammates and enemies can be rewarded by these guys at the end of the game, regardless of outcome. Unless some rewards are offered to those who behave themselves, it is likely that many of those who changed their ways would relapse. That’s probably why Riot has announced the latest rewards for honorable players in LoL.

    Icons and Ribbons for Honorable Players

    Players should not expect to receive Riot or influence points for being friendly, honorable and respectful with their peers. On the other hand, they should prepare for the original rewards of the honor system that consist of articles and ribbons for the best summoners. The idea is to commemorate the accomplishment of those who stood cool in face of adversity and were always polite. The prizes will get more numerous in the long run and they might change completely, so there are several other milestones to set.

    In order to receive such a reward, one would have to finish in the top 10 players in any of the three types of honor. Players are rewarded for being friendly, calling the shots and for staying calm under pressure, but ultimately everyone receives a different type of icon. It is essential for players to receive a minimum of 10 honors regardless of type to be eligible for a prize before the update.

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