Riot has Announced Major Buffs for Select League of Legends Heroes
    By Frankie Price on Sep 7, 2017

    League of Legends has been right from the start a competitive game and this is what made it so popular among a broad audience. Over the course of time, players have come up with more complex strategies and certain heroes have emerged as overpowered. Riot has been playing the delicate balancing game for quite a while and it doesn’t want things to go out of hand. That’s why, the company is ready to buff select heroes, with their eyes currently fixed on champions that are used to play on the top lane.

    Fiora, Nautilus and Aatrox in the Spotlight

    These three heroes used to be pretty good early on and some were so dangerous that Riot decided that a nerf was in order. Now that they have fallen from grace, they are ready to reverse the nerfs and in some cases even buff the heroes further to make them more attractive. Fiora used to be the strongest of these heroes and that’s probably why she was hit the hardest with nerfs a couple of years ago. Many of her skills were restored gradually to their former glory and in the new patch, new buffs are planned.

    Nautilus used to be a strong hero to play on the top lane, but he also suffered major nerfs to greatly reduce his damage. As a result, opponents had an easier time pushing him around and enemy tanks were able to ignore him altogether. League of Legends players eventually gave up this hero, but they should give it another chance after the buffs are applied in the next patch. Aatrox is definitely the hero that will benefit the most from the new changes, as they will make him a better all-around hero for top laners.

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