Riot Games Strike Massive Streaming Deal
    By Vedran Ostojic on Nov 21, 2016

    Live streaming has been an important part of the eSports industry and the best way for new people to get acquainted with the ways of the professional eSports players. As eSports are growing, it was only a matter of time when multimillion deals would start happening within the industry and it would seem one such deal has just recently been struck.

    MLB Advanced, a subsidiary of BAM Tech who handle the likes of Disney and The PGA Tour have reportedly stuck a streaming deal with Riot Games which is said to be worth a grand total of $90.000.000. This, of course, is a huge sum for anything eSports related, and it may be one of the biggest things to happen to eSports to date.

    eSports Becoming Real Sports?

    The implications of this news which has recently surfaced in several sources is huge. BAM Tech is the kind of company that deals only with serious professional sports teams and players around the world, so them entering the eSports scene would be of great significance.

    This type of a deal means it is likely that more and more sports teams and investors from all walks of life will be introduced to eSports and potentially begin to openly participate, which in turn should bring in even more casual fans and players into the games. Specifically, League Of Legends players stand to gain the most from this deal.

    What Will Happen To LoL?

    League Of Legends is the most popular eSport on the planet and has the biggest following, and this deal is aimed directly at it. If the deal is real, we can expect even more changes to the ever growing eSport and some sources have indicated that a streaming platform separate from Twitch and YouTube may soon be appearing for LoL specifically.

    While both Riot Gaming and BAM Tech have refused to comment on the deal, there is no doubt that negotiations were in progress and multiple sources have already stated that this is a done deal!

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