Project Scorpio Opens a New Chapter for eSports Console Fans
    By Frankie Price on Apr 19, 2017

    Microsoft seems ready to give its console a boost in its war of attrition with Sony’s PlayStation 4. Xbox One is an impressive piece of hardware, but it only benefited from a handful of major updates over the last couple of years. It is time for a major change in the highly competitive industry of console gaming and Project Scorpio could bring that change. This high-end Xbox console is powerful, versatile and capable of running the latest video games smoothly.

    Great News for eSports Console Fans

    The best video games currently played at the highest competitive levels are running exclusively on consoles. This is partly due to the fact that one would require a keyboard and mouse to perform the intricate maneuvers of MOBA and RTS video games. The sheer limitations of consoles have also had a deterring effect on video games developers. Xbox One did a decent job, but Project Scorpio promises to outshine its predecessor in every imaginable way.

    Faster, more stable and just as reliable as the Xbox One devices, Project Scorpio is also the gateway to 4K gaming. This is the pledge that Microsoft makes to prospective customers and if they stick to their word, console fans are likely to embrace the new device wholeheartedly. It will play videos and games in HDR, so those who already have a 4K TV will benefit greatly from such an upgrade. Not only pro players, but also casuals know the perks of playing in ultrahigh definition something that Project Scorpio will deliver.

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