Nintendo Returning to the eSports Stage
    By Vedran Ostojic on Jan 26, 2017

    Even though it might sound unbelievable, one of the biggest giants in the video gaming industry, Nintendo, has for many years been missing the world of eSports. However, it seems that that might change very soon. However, it is important to say that Nintendo was not completely out of the eSports world because they had their Smash Bros. eSports competitions but considering the potential that this company has in regards to eSports, Nintendo's participation in the eSports industry was not worth mentioning.

    The first sign that Nintendo might be returning to the eSports stage came in October 2016, when Nintendo launched the trailer for Nintendo Switch in which two Splatoon teams faced each other in the big stadium. This seems to be a very clever move from Nintendo because Splatoon already has big fan base and it would not take a long time for it to become popular in the gaming community. It also should be mentioned that Splatoon is not the only sing that Nintendo might be entering the eSports market.

    There are also some other games that seem to be suitable for eSports competitions. One of those games is ARMS. On the first sight, ARMS looks like the shooter game that has been inspired to a great length by one of the most popular video games of that genre, the Overwatch. Nintendo's ARMS will enable players to have a selection of strategies that they can choose from as well as great selection of characters that have their own sets of unique abilities and skills. All of this makes ARMS one of the most expected titles in the upcoming period. From this stand point, Nintendo's ARMS checks all the boxes when it comes to the criteria that determine whether or not a game has a potential of becoming an eSports event.

    The biggest problem that Nintendo might face in their effort of becoming a part of eSports industry is the fact that their games are lacking the community that will provide the support in their efforts of achieving that. Even though many Nintendo's games have been very popular all over the world, those games do not provide enough features such as spectators mode for other players to get involved in the game and to care about the game.

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