More Money for the World of Warcraft Arena Championship
    By Frankie Price on Mar 12, 2017

    Blizzard Entertainment made it crystal clear that they will try to revitalize their flagship MMORPG video game. The latest expansion brought back many of the veterans who lost their enthusiasm for playing during the last two installments. Questing and raiding is fun these days, but most players remember the days when WoW used to be fun in PVP. In addition to tweaking the core player versus player mechanics, Blizzard is willing to invest more in the World of Warcraft Arena Championship.

    12 Teams Battle for a Prize Pool of $280,000

    In 2017, the tournament will feature a larger prize pool and the number of participating teams will increase significantly. The World of Warcraft Arena Championship is held during the BlizzCon and last year’s event saw Splyce emerge victorious after defeating Method NA. This year is going to be even better, with 12 teams participating in the world championship finals. They will be competing for a prize pool worth $280,000, significantly more than what was awarded in 2016.

    North America and Europe will have four teams each, China will have two, while Latin America and Asia Pacific will send one team to the World of Warcraft Arena Championship. In order to book a place at the prestigious event, European and North American teams will accumulate points in cups that begin in April.

    Since the release of Legion, World of Warcraft regained most of the polish lost in Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria. The number of active users has increased by more than 10% and apparently they also spend more time in game. The vast majority of players dwell on dungeons and raids and are only casual PVPers. However, they enjoy watching the best of their peers go head to head in flagship events such as the World of Warcraft Arena Championship.

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