Microsoft Xbox One X Set for International Release this November
    By Frankie Price on Jun 13, 2017

    When Microsoft announced its latest console, the audience got to know it as Project X. The appearance and specifications of the new gadget won over the crowd and created the hype for its release date. The company revealed further details at the E3 presentation and the official name of the upcoming console was unveiled as Xbox One X. Smaller than its predecessors, it is much more powerful and the best part is that it will be completely compatible with existing games and accessories for Xbox One.

    The Most Powerful Gaming Console Ever

    Microsoft didn’t mince words when it presented the upcoming model as the most powerful console for gaming ever created. This is supposed to justify its starting price of $499 and encourage people to preorder the device. Those who prefer to wait until the very day the console is released internationally, should know that the launch date is scheduled for November 7, 2017.

    The specifications for the upcoming device are impressive, with Xbox One X using a custom GPU engine at 1172 MHz. It also sports an Ultra HD Blu-ray drive that makes it possible to run games in 4K and one that is perfect for watching movies. All the numbers add out and suggest the fact that Microsoft’s console is going to outshine Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro, at least in terms of sheer power.

    There is more than meets the eye about the new device, which is going to be the smallest Xbox ever produced. Slimmer, lighter and sleeker than its predecessors, it will run the latest games smoothly and without any delays. Forza Motorsport 7, Metro: Exodus, Assassin's Creed: Origins are some of the games that will be available on the new console as well as the exclusive PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

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