LPL Wins the 2017 League of Legends All Stars Tournament
    By Frankie Price on Dec 15, 2017

    The 2017 League of Legends All Stars tournament is one of the last important events for the popular MOBA game this year. Even though it doesn’t have the magnitude of the best paying competitions, such as MSI and Worlds, it still generates a lot of enthusiasm. The participating teams and players were hoping for another stellar performance and an important trophy.

    LPL and LMS made it all the way to the finals after defeating an impressive lineup of opponents. Both of them were engaged in some difficult matches on the road to the top and the stage was set for a memorable encounter. Granted nobody expected the final act of the competition to be a short affair, the six hour battle was quite a surprise for players and pundits alike.

    New Records for League of Legends All Stars

    Every game was highly contested and with no team willing to concede even in face of insurmountable odds, matches took a long time to complete. One of the games required in excess of 80 minutes, which is another record for the League of Legends All Stars tournament. Despite the importance of the games, players found the time and resources to have a little fun, whether they were ahead or behind.

    Those watching the series were thrilled with the extremely close matches and the numerous comebacks. There were also a couple of memorable plays, with both teams showcasing their skills to create a long-lasting image in their last performance of the year. LPL stayed focused until the last minute of play and six hours after the series began, they walked away with the coveted trophy.

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