Hearthstone Sets Important Milestones in 2017
    By Frankie Price on Dec 19, 2017

    Hearthstone has emerged as the most popular online collectible card game and set important milestones in 2017. Accessible as a free to play title, it is recently one of the more expensive games, especially for serious players. Certain things have changed down the road and today players can spend significant amounts, trying to stay competitive. Even though the game is not supposed to be a play to win title, the micro-transactions have plenty of fans and users.

    Even though professional players say that weak opponents having all the decks will still be unable to be a better opponent, some have expressed their doubts. Perhaps one of the most important changes in the landscape of video games is that more people regard micro-transactions as acceptable. Free to play games are now usually more expensive than the ones that players need to purchase up front.

    Hearthstone Becomes more Expensive

    Hearthstone players who choose to spend real cash on new decks of cards do so because they don’t like the idea of grinding. Their counterparts have the alternative to playing the game and unlocking the cards gradually. The problem is that it can take quite a while until enough are unlocked, which poses obvious problems. There are serious concerns that in 2018 the arena will become even more imbalanced, with a clear advantage for those who spend real cash.

    In-game purchases in 2017 has set a new record and this trend is likely to continue in the next year. At least the prizes didn’t go up as well, with Blizzard Entertainment simply cashing in on the players willingness to spend on more decks.

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