FTC Establishes Precedent with CSGO Lotto Ruling
    By Frankie Price on Sep 10, 2017

    CSGO Lotto owners have made a nice income by selling skills and running a successful business targeting Counter Strike Global Offensive players. Their successful enterprise however drew the attention of the Federal Trade Commission which charged them with several offenses. Eventually, the organization decided that it would be in its best interest to settle their charges and got away with a mild punishment. For the FTC however, this is an important milestone as it sets precedent for other businesses.

    A Warning Shot for Social Media Influencers

    Martin and Cassell were the ones who had to settle the charges, but the entire community of social media influencers has been warned. The Federal Trade Commission has sent warning letters to the most prominent venues and provided them with updated guidance. All those who are in this line of work are expected to disclose their connection with the services they advertise on the website. Until now, eSports tournament organizers and streamers were allowed to pay others to advertise for the site anonymously.

    These new changes are subtle but if implemented correctly they’re expected to benefit the entire eSports community. This environment and the activities that take place here are going to be more transparent and those who break the rules can expect serious punishment. It is most unlikely that the slap on the wrist for CSGO Lotto is the only thing that those who break the rules should fear. In 2017, other prominent people working in the eSports were targeted by national organizations, on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

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