Eleven Sports TV Channel to Air the Gfinity Elite Series
    By Frankie Price on Jul 27, 2017

    The Gfinity Elite Series will feature eight eSports teams that will compete in three distinct competitions, each reserved for different a game genre. Rocket League, Counter Strike Global Offensive and Street Fighter players will lock their horns in what promises to be a spectator friendly setting. The organizers have announced the partnership with Eleven Sports TV Channel to air the series live. This represents an important milestone for them, as they try to get the mainstream audience familiar with eSports.

    Gfinity Elite Series Broadcasted in 7 Markets

    Eleven Sports TV Channel has a pretty impressive coverage that features seven countries, including Taiwan and the United States. They will air the show live for all three games and also provide insightful previews and recap of all matches. For Gfinity, they look like the perfect partner, capable of sustaining their ambitious experiment to bring more prospective players into the fold. The goal of the organizers is to present electronic sports in a friendly way, so casual players and TV watchers will pick them up.

    Eleven Sports already distributes major sports events and covers nearly 80,000,000 TV households. If everything goes according to the plan, gamers will be able to join a community where they can share content and watch the best players at work. The TV channel is relatively new but makes significant strides to establish a dominant presence in several countries. In addition to broadcasting Formula One and English Premiere Series among other sports, they tried to add eSports to their offer.

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