DreamHack Joins ESIC and Abides by Its Rules
    By Frankie Price on Sep 9, 2017

    DreamHack is one of the largest and most respected eSports tournament organizers in the world, hosting major tournaments for various video games. It recently joined ESIC and as a member of this organization, it is expected to follow its rules. The acronym stands for Esports Integrity Coalition and just like the name suggests, this organization tries to create a fair environment for professional players. ESIC welcomes its newest members, but at the same time it expects DreamHack to make some changes to its rules.

    A Second Chance for Match Fixing Players

    Match fixing is a serious concern for professional players and those hosting eSports competitions. DreamHack has always been one of the toughest organizations when it came to these offenses and has banned many players over the course of time. Some of these perpetrators are now being given a second chance, as the organization has to lift the sanctions for some players. Now that they are a member of ESIC, they need to follow the recommendations made by the coalition. Players shouldn’t make a wrong read into this decision because standardized punishments for match fixing are being implemented.

    The bottom line is that some players will have the opportunity to return to competition after being sidelined for a long time. Only those who were banned for fixing matches before February 2015 will benefit from these changes. Not all organizations of eSports competition decided to show the same lenience to those who broke the rules and even for DreamHack this is going to be a one-time thing.

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