CounterStrike Global Offensive Patch Makes Weapon Changes
    By Frankie Price on Dec 23, 2017

    Valve continues to make significant changes to its flagship first-person shooter, CounterStrike Global Offensive. In the latest patch introduced this December, the videogame developer decided to address the way some of the most important weapons perform. Even though overall the changes are subtle, they are important for players who compete at the highest level.

    eSports professionals should know that shotguns are going to be the most affected once in the wake of this patch. Valve found it necessary to have these guns have their own recoil pattern, which is a complete novelty. For many years, only pistols, submachine guns and rifles benefited from this treatment and apparently this is the perfect time to roll out the changes for the shotguns.

    New mechanics reward skilled players

    CounterStrike Global Offensive has always been a game that rewards skills, reflexes and strategy. The changes made to the shotguns are going to further emphasize the importance of players reacting instantly on the battlefield. Those who can use their knowledge and adjust to the new shotgun patterns are going to maximize the potential of these weapons.

    There are several shotguns to choose from when playing the popular first-person shooter and the changes are not going to affect all of them identically. All of them will require more skill and it will be no longer possible to jump and fire around freely while still being accurate. The bullet spread patterns need to be thoroughly understood and players are expected to practice with each shotgun to find the sweet spot.

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