Connect and Display all Your Relevant Gaming Stats with MyMatch
    By Frankie Price on Jul 12, 2017

    A long and twisted road lies ahead of amateur players who want to make the transition to professional gaming. Clawing your way to the top of the hierarchy is a long and tedious process and motivation is a valuable and limited resource. MyMatch does a brilliant job at bringing like-minded individuals together in their quest to move up the ladder. It allows them to connect and explains their stats with friends and followers, while providing seamless integration with ranking sites such as UMG, CMG and many more.

    All the Leaderboards One Click Away

    World Gaming, UMG Online, Checkmate Gaming, Millenial Sports and other popular online videogame platforms have created a competitive environment for players. They run weekly and monthly events attended by tens of thousands of ambitious players. Big prize pools, fame and glory are some of the incentives they offer and now MyMatch brings something else on the table. By unifying rankings from all these platforms and proudly displaying them for anyone to see, it gives players a sense of purpose.

    Once they log into their accounts, players decide what data they feel comfortable sharing and the application will do everything on their behalf. The complete stats of their rankings will be published and updated in real-time, so followers can stay up-to-date with everything that happens. All ranking sites such as UMG Online, The Gamer Wall and other brands will also be available. The filters enable players to browse by username, performance or earnings among other things. Whatever information you are after, you can rest assured that MyMatch will deliver to you in a user-friendly format.

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