Brexit Triggers Rise in Riot Points for League of Legend Players
    By Frankie Price on Jul 11, 2017

    League of Legend players from the United Kingdom are about to feel some unintended and unforeseen consequences of their country leaving the European Union. Everyone knows that in the wake of the Brexit, the British Sterling pound has lost some of its value. This has consequences for the entire economy and starting this July, it will directly affect MOBA players. Riot Games decided to increase the price of Riot Points by 20% to offset the effects of the pound’s drop in value over the last year.

    Legendary Skills will Cost More

    League of Legend is a game financed by micro-transactions and developers rely on the money collected from players. Most of those who trade real money for in game currency do so to be able to collect skins in general and legendary ones in particular. Fewer players spend money to unlock champions, since they can simply wait to accumulate the necessary Influence Points. Now that the costs have gone up by 20%, they might reconsider such an investment or purchase fewer points to cut down expenses.

    Riot Games has announced its intention to change the prizes, so it restores parity in the face of continuous deterioration in pound value. The price hike will take effect on July 25 at midnight, so players can stockpile RP before that date at the current prices. For the developers of League of Legend this is a win-win situation, since they can either receive a flux of money now, or win more in the long run. As for the players, they should know that the least expensive package of £5 will now be worth only 790RP. Those who spend £50 will now receive only 8600 RP instead of 10,700 RP as they do now.

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