Blizzard Set to Restore the Battle.net Brand
    By Frankie Price on Aug 19, 2017

    When Blizzard Entertainment announced sweeping changes to its Battle.net brand, there were many disgruntled players. The online platform had plenty of fans among those who play their games and most of them were not happy with the changes. Last year in September, the company decided to move away from this brand, to avoid confusion and other shortcomings. This decision failed to produce the results expected by Blizzard and defeated the purpose of making things clearer. Many players were puzzled.

    Brace Yourselves for Blizzard Battle.net

    The popular brands will return in a slightly different outfit and from now fourth will be referred to as the Blizzard Battle.net service. Technically, the two services won’t differ too much and players will be happy to see once again the famous brand and logo. It has been around for more than two decades and loyal players associate it to some of the most popular games developed by Blizzard. Well before the merger with Activision, it was easily recognizable and still brings back pleasant memories.

    There are no further changes announced so far, but Blizzard is expected to be extra careful when making its next company messaging move. For the players, the return of the Battle.net feels like an important victory, in a year that is truly special for Blizzard fan-boys. Overwatch has set important milestones in 2017 and the number of professional players who have embraced this game is still growing. The recent release of StarCraft Remastered appeals to old-school players and many have pre-ordered the game.

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