Blizzard Announces Skill Rating Changes for Competitive Overwatch
    By Frankie Price on Dec 8, 2017

    Overwatch players are once again on the verge of major changes, as Blizzard Entertainment is ready to modify the skill rating. This is the result of some players complaining that the current system is unfair and frequently pits players of different skills against each other. Ideally, the new system will do away with these issues and create a fairer gaming environment for amateur and pro players.

    In order to create Overwatch matches that are fairer, the developer’s are going to limit the maximum skill rating. What this means is that the difference between the highest ranking player and the lowest one will be significantly smaller. As a result, there won’t be so many matches where an incredibly talented player has the chance to dominate a team made of inexperienced ones.

    More Overwatch Changes Underway

    The announced changes are not going to prevent players from queuing in a group with their peers of different skill levels. That’s why there’s no need to worry about friends being split apart by the very fact that some are better than others. Blizzard hopes that by addressing the skill rating issues, it will be able to assemble teams that are more evenly matched.

    These changes are going to happen in early 2018, so less than a month from now players will see how they work out. Personal performance SR adjustments will be turned off for players in certain divisions, but only the highest skill ones will be affected. There’s a lot of pressure on Blizzard to make sure that Overwatch is perfectly balanced before the competitive season rolls out.

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