Blizzard Adds New Social Features to Battle.net
    By Frankie Price on Oct 28, 2017

    Blizzard prepares for the imminent release of its latest flagship game called Destiny 2. Meanwhile, it has made several changes to the Battle.net desktop and introduced new features. The fact that the company will use its application to host the game developed by Bungie instead of something produced in-house is also noteworthy. As for the new features they will be all included in a special Social tab where players will be able to create groups with their friends.

    Those who have played first-person and third person shooters know how important it is to stay in touch with fellow players during the games. This is one of the purposes of the social area that will also house all the conversation between players. Battle.net is an app that also runs smoothly on mobile devices so players will be able to use their iOS and Android gadgets to run the application.

    Choose an Avatar and Jump into the Fray

    The new changes made to the Battle.net desktop and mobile app will also enhance functionality and make it more customizable. Players can select an avatar and establish a profile that they can activate and deactivate whenever they want. This means that they can stay in touch with their friends while making it impossible for others to see that the online.

    Blizzard wanted to clarify one particular aspect of this new feature, telling players that there is still a good chance for them to join the same games as their peers. Players will also have the option of sending presents to their friends, as the new gifting feature enables micro-transactions for Hearthstone players.

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