10 Top Shooter Games
    By Amir Grad on Dec 12, 2016

    Shooter games have been the most popular category of the video games for some many years now. Throughout the years, many different shooter games were released – some were good, some were amazing and some were not. We've rounded up some of our favorite shooters. Shoot us up in the comments below and let us know of your top shooters!


    Counter-Strike is a shooter game that was released back in 2003 and even today is getting a huge attention as one of the best shooter games of all time. Even today, the titles from this video gaming franchise are appearing among the ten most popular games on Steam on a regular basis. The longevity of this game is witnessing the quality of this game.

    Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 

    One of the biggest titles in the video gaming history is Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Not only that this installment reinvented the entire franchise of the Call of Duty, it also introduced and set the standards for every shooter game that would be released in the future. The amazing Multiplayer mode of the game is one of the main reasons why this game is even popular today, more than 10 years since it has been released.

    Half-Life 2

    Half-Life 2 was released in 2004 and it proved once again how the sequels of the big gaming titles should be done. Those players who today decide to play this game will notice that this game from 2004 does not different much from the games released in recent years in terms of graphics, plot, and gameplay and in many aspects it is still better than the newer releases.


    In 1993, we witness something that will change the world of gaming forever. In 1993, Doom, the video game has been released and since then it has been considered as one of the best shooter games in the entire history of video gaming. In 1993, Doom was a revolutionary video gaming title. In 2016, we are getting a reboot of this game and it seems that the effects of the game will be the same.

    Battlefield 2

    The second installment of the Battlefield franchise was a revolutionary game when it comes to the genre of shooter games. What Battlefield 2 did was that it introduced a revolutionary mode of play that will later become a standard in the video gaming industry. The effects of this game are even felt today, many years after its release and that is the reason why we think Battlefield 2 is one of the best shooter games of all time.


    Released in 2007, the BioShock game is the sequel to the very successful System Shock 2. In the gameplay that this game introduced we could see a very amazing combination of FPS and RPG as well as the elements of the horror that made this game one of the best games that are somehow placed in the category of hybrid genres.

    Halo: Combat Evolved

    Before 2001, the shooter video games have been a big mess. However, in 2001, Halo: Combat Evolved was released and it made a huge revolution in this genre and set up the standard that even today’s bigger names than Halo franchise are implementing in their games.

    Team Fortress 2

    This video game is somehow a unique entry on this list because it is currently the only multiplayer shooter game included on the list. This game provides the player to play the game as a unique character that has been fully developed unlike some other games in the market.

    Perfect Dark

    Perfect Dark is the game that has unofficially been characterized as the sequel to another amazing shooter game GoldenEye 007. With many different moves, weapons, abilities and actions, the Perfect Dark video game is still very popular in the world of video gaming.

    Metroid Prime

    Metroid Prime is the shooter game that provided the players with the ability to immerse into the world of the game completely unlike many other games. With the development solutions that were later used by many bigger and more powerful games, Metroid Prime set a standard that we are glad even today to play as a reminiscence of the past times in regards to the video games.

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