Energy Drinks

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Energy drinks designed for professional eSports players, helping you stay sharp at all times.

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    Hype Energy drinks are among the most popular in the world of eSports. First created in 1994, Hype has produced a number of different flavors over the years. It started off sponsoring Formula One teams, like Benetton and Williams, as well as a number of other racing teams.

    This gave Hype a lot of visibility, and it was picked up as a drink of choice by many eSports professionals. Like many energy drinks, the Hype Energy line provides professional players with necessary ingredients to maintain their focus and energy levels high during those long gaming sessions.

    As the name suggests, Pwnage is a brand completely focused on video gaming and eSports. It is the first energy drink actually developed by gamers, and it started off trying to capture the feelings of video game professionals. Pwnage boasts their drinks help produce the feeling of confidence and invincibility, the feeling every professional player strives to achieve. It helps you get in the zone and reach your ultimate goal – Pwn and win!

    Developed by eSports professionals, Pwnage presents itself as a healthier alternative to other energy drinks in the market, and helps you stay hydrated and focused during long gaming sessions.

    G Fuel markets itself as the official drink of eSports. It’s been designed to help players keep their focus, enhance their reaction time, increase their endurance, and boost their overall energy levels. G Fuel represents a healthier alternative to other energy drinks which are loaded with sugar.

    Featuring 19 different fruits, this energy drink offers everything gamers need, helping them stay hydrated and focused, while not damaging their health. On top of it all, G Fuel offers customer satisfaction guarantee and promises to pay back in full anyone not happy with their products.

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