Where Can I Experience eSports Online?
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    Throughout the last five or six years the popularity of Esports Competitions has increased significantly. Besides many different eSports events that are being organized all over the world in arenas with thousands of players in the audience, there are also online platforms that enable professional video game players to participate at online eSports tournaments. One of the biggest advantages of these platforms is the fact that people from all over the world can enter the competition without traveling long distances in order to be present at the event. This article will deal exactly with those online platforms and will present the most popular ones.


    Gfinity is one of the most popular online platforms that players and teams can use in order to participate in the eSports tournaments that are played online. This online eSports gaming platform provides users with the opportunity to play many different games that have been developed either for Xbox or for PC. This platform and many other similar platforms have been a great starting point for many professional teams and individual players that later became some of the best professional video gaming teams and individuals in the world. Gfinity gaming platform has also moved from online gaming to the real world gaming as well because it collaborated with many other similar companies to bring the world of professional video gaming to the arenas where fans can see the action live.

    Major League Gaming

    Major League Gaming or MLG is the world's leading provider of eSports events. During the last several years, MLG has been introducing fans to the professional video gaming world through many different eSports competitions that they organized in many cities all over the world. However, MLG is also providing those players that are not able to travel to the locations a chance to participate at the tournaments by playing these tournaments online. MLG is actually organizing many qualification rounds for the real location eSports tournaments online and the winners of those qualifications will eventually travel to the city where the main eSports event is being held. Whether you are an individual or a team of players it does not matter, what you need to do is to sign up with Major League Gaming and your adventure of professional video gaming may start.

    UMG or UMG Online

    UMG is yet another platform that provides possibilities for the players to experience the world of professional video gaming without having to travel to physical locations. Instead, these platforms are enabling them to participate at the eSports tournaments online. UMG is providing their users with the opportunity to play many different tournaments that involve games such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare , Madden 16 as well as Gears of War 4 . As it can be noticed, these are all some of the most popular games in the world currently. The first requirement that the players needs to do is to sign up with this platform and the further instructions will be provided for him or her.

    To Sum it Up

    Since eSports tournaments are getting more and more popular with every single year it can get really hard to gather big number of teams to participate at these tournaments. Because of that, we are witnessing the development of many different online gaming platforms that organize the qualification rounds that teams from all parts of the world can participate in. The winners of those qualification rounds later travel to the physical locations for the final rounds of certain eSports tournament. One thing that these online platforms have actually done is to further increase the popularity and the number of active players that get involve with the eSports world.

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