What Makes a Game Suitable for eSports?
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    One of the reasons why eSports is currently so popular is the large number of new video games and the quality of those games. However, even though there are many different games that are really good they are still not a part of the eSports industry. Some people may wonder what the reason for that is. This article will attempt to provide you with the information that will make the process of including certain video game into the eSports industry a bit more understandable.

    Video Games Popularity

    One of the main conditions that the games need to fulfill in order to become a part of the Esports industry is that they need to have a large following. In other words, the game needs to be very popular in the world and it needs to attract huge number of players. Games like League of Legends ,Dota 2, Counter-Strike, World of Warcraft are games that have been able to attract dozens of millions players that are playing them actively every month. It seems logical not to include games that are not that popular in the gaming world into the eSports competitions because fans want to relate with the players and the game that they are playing.

    Low Price of the Game

    The second condition is actually very closely connected to the first condition. The main reason for that is the fact that if the game costs huge sums of money it will hardly gained big enough popularity for it to be included in the eSports competitions. Some of the most popular games in the world, like League of Legends and Dota 2, are free to play on platforms such as Steam which additionally increased their popularity and consequently the popularity of eSports competitions. The free-to-play periods enable players to actually see what the game is offering and whether or not they will have fun playing this game and if the game proves to be entertaining and worth buying they will buy the game and continue to play.

    Clear & Understandable Game Objectives

    Many games are created in a very complicated manner with many complicated missions, features, aspects and objectives. Those games take a long time to solve the objectives and reach the end of the game. If we look at the games that are already included in the eSports competitions we can see that the objectives in these games are really straight forward and easy to understand. The characters are well developed as well as the missions and the players have no need to spend huge amount of time trying to understand what he or she needs to do in the game.


    The eSports industry has been proven to be an amazing platform for video games that have been released almost a decade ago to still attract new players and to increase their popularity. In their effort to be included in the eSports industry as a game in which competitions will be organized, games or rather companies behind the video games need to be able to fulfill certain conditions to make them appealing to broad audiences.

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