What is eSports?
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    Playing video games video games has for so many years considered to be a pass time activity for young kids. However, since the 70s and 80s decades of the past century, playing video games has significantly changed its definition and the purpose. The highest level of development that the playing game has achieved is eSports or rather, the professional video game playing. In modern day, playing video game became a fully professional career option for anyone who displayed good gaming skills and abilities. What was once an activity used to spend time with friends now became an activity through which young people are able to earn millions of dollars.

    Many have tried to determine what makes eSports so popular among the young people but probably the main reason for such big popularity is the prospects of doing what young people love and possibility of earning money by doing what they love. eSports includes competitions in many different games that generate different number of players competing in the tournaments. The number of games that are used for the competition is increasing with every year.


    The list of games that are featured in the eSports competitions differ one tournament to another and from one competition to another. However, there are certain games that stand out in the popularity and the number of players that play the game. The following part of this article will provide you with the list of games that are featured the most at the tournaments.

    League of Legends is probably the most popular game in the professional gaming world. It is interesting that the 2014 World Championship for the League of Legends game was one of the most viewed eSports competition in history. The reason why this game is popular in the eSports world is the fact that this game had huge number of players even before it was officially announced that League of Legends will be part of the eSports. In that regard, there are more than 27 million players of this game who play this game at least once a day and because of that it is no wonder that this game is getting so much attention at the eSports competitions.

    Dota 2 is not among the most popular games at this moment. Its tournaments are also not among the most popular once. However, Dota 2 is the game that is currently generating the biggest among of money through competitions. If it happens that you are a serious video game player and you want to earn serious amounts of money Dota 2 may be the best choice for you. Looking at the statistics we can see that the top 10 players who earned the highest amount of money are actually Dota 2 players. Top five players have earned more than 1 million dollars only in the reward money.

    Counter-Strike has become the top shooter game in the world and the tournaments that featured competition in this game have awarded more than 10 million dollars through the years. This might indicate why so many players are even today deciding to become professional players of Counter-Strike even though the game has first appeared back in 1999. The second installment of this game has also been very successful but since it was released in 2012 it still has not reached the level in which the first installment is.

    It does not matter whether you decide to become a professional video game player playing Dota 2, Counter-Strike, League of Legends or some other games such as Halo, StarCraft 2 , Call of Duty, FIFA, World of Warcraft or some of the many other games that have been featured at the tournaments you need to know that even this sports requires a lot of discipline, training, practicing and sacrifice if you want to become successful as a player.

    Teams and Players

    Huge majority of tournaments that feature competitions in video games playing are team competitions. Because of that as it is important to have certain skills abilities it also very important to know your team and your team's advantages and disadvantages. Some teams such as Team EnCyUs are only specialized for one game. The team that was mentioned before is specialized only for Call of Duty and they are only participating on tournaments that feature this game. On the other hand, teams like Cloud9 and Team Curse are not limiting themselves on only one game. They became successful in different games and now they are participating in many different competitions that are featured at the Esports tournaments.

    Just like any other sports, eSports is not without its risks and problems. People who are not familiar with the world of professional gaming will be very surprise with the type and amount of actual injuries that occur over time. On number of occasions professional gamers had to end their careers suddenly because the injury that they have suffered while playing a game does not allow them any more to play professionally. Hai Lam, one of the professional gamers that participated in the League of Legends competitions at the eSports tournaments had to retire because he injured his strain. If you are a successful professional game there is even possibility that certain company will offer your sponsorship deals to promote their products which indicates how important have eSports players become in the world.

    Final Remarks 

    eSports was for so many years a fast growing industry that became popular almost instantly. The reason for that might actually be the platform on which eSports were established and that is the already existing gaming scene. What eSports done was to make a transition from amateur competitions to professional competitions and throughout the years sponsors recognized the potential that this competition has and they started to invest money in it. It does not matter whether you have specialized for only one game or you have become an excellent player of different games, you can still participate in these competitions. However, the important things is to have teammates that will work together with you because at these tournaments individualism in not an advantage.

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