The Art of Hosting Video Game Tournaments
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    Video game developers are paying more attention than ever before to multiplayer. That’s the result of the most successful games being played online, while single-players are relegated to the status of lengthy tutorials. Except for role-playing story driven videogames, the biggest hits are the ones that challenge players to better themselves. Back in the day, before the advent of the Internet, the only way to compete against your peers was to go head to head over LAN.

    Today anyone can participate in large-scale tournaments and compete against millions of people from all over the world. The popular world of eSports is constantly expanding and professional gamers enjoy the same status as celebrities. Tens of millions watch their games live over Twitch and other broadcasting services and some even bet on the outcome of their matches. Hosting a videogame tournament can be just as profitable if done right and there are a couple of things that prospective organizers should know.

    Players Are the Best Tournament Managers

    Some people think that in order to successfully host a video game tournament, you only need money in the right advertising campaign. These are obviously essential ingredients in the recipe for success, but there are other things to consider. For example, those who have a background in the video games industry are more likely to succeed in their attempt. A thorough understanding of the game will make it easier for tournament managers to attract players and meet them halfway.

    If a tournament host is also a professional player, active or retired, the event will draw more of his peers. Even a casual player who enjoys the game and does his due diligence and research will enjoy positive results. Someone who knows how the game is played will be able to provide the necessary support, so participants will have everything they need. You only have one chance to make a good first impression and given the insane competition in this line of work, it is important to get it right the first time.

    Make Every Dollar Spent on Advertising Matter

    Having a lot of money definitely helps when you are a prospective eSports tournament manager with high expectations. However, throwing money at problems won’t work in this case and you need to spend the money intelligently. Instead of wasting a fortune on supercomputers that are not necessarily needed, people should spend more money on advertising. Having said this, it is mandatory to make sure that participants will get to play on top-notch devices and have access to top quality gear.

    Promoting the competition is just half of the challenge and it’s just as important to hire top announcers. In many cases, the players watching major tournaments live are more knowledgeable than the ones hosting them. That’s because they do everything out of passion and spend long hours watching similar events on twitch and other channels. They know the top announcers and make the distinction between great and average tournaments based on who’s promoting them. The goal is to give the event more visibility and this is one way of achieving your target.

    Find Alternative Sources for Financing

    Hosting a video game tournament can be a pretty expensive endeavor, even if you don’t factor in the prizes. If you want to attract the best players, you will need to raise the bar and this will put more pressure on your budget. One way of solving the problem is by working closely with the game developer. If you lay a solid foundation for your tournament, there’s a good chance for the developers to pitch in. They can provide everything from equipment to prizes for simply promoting their game.

    Even those who have tremendous experience in this line of work will always look for partners. The idea of sharing the risks in a business is not new and can be applied to the video games industry. In listing the assistance of hardware producers, all sorts of vendors and gaming companies will have a two-pronged effect. On one hand, you’ll spend less money on equipment, on the other your tournament will benefit from additional exposure.

    Always Take Calculated Chances

    The eSports industry is still growing, but we are well past the time when early adopters faced little competition. To host the tournament today, one needs money, experience and also an original idea. In order to compete with the best in this line of work, one needs to come up with something different. There are always risks when walking down the less traveled paths, but the alternative is to outspend your competitors. Given the magnitude of current tournaments and the prizes offered, this simply isn’t an option. Take some chances, but always factor in the risks and don’t go over the top with innovation

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