League of Legends Guide: Learning the Basics
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    Similarly to the Dota 2 game, League of Legends achieved popularity in a very record period of time. The main reason for such quick gaining popularity is the fact that this game provided players with features that were rarely seen in any game before this one. However, the first things that you will notice upon starting to play this game is the fact that this game is far from being similar to any game. Overwhelmed by the amount of information that the game will provide you upon first playing, you might feel a bit out of place and you might not know what to do. At certain point, a player might even start panicking because a player is expected to at least knows the basic information when starting the game or even more.

    This guide will provide you with the information on how to approach the game and how to quickly gather all the necessary information that you will need as soon as you start playing this game. By following this guide you will be able to reach the level 30 or even higher levels in no time because you will know on what you should focus and what things and information are not that important for the beginner.

    Getting to Know the Game

    Once you start playing this game you will see that you do not have the access to the majority of features. The game was designed like that to provide the player with the opportunity to familiarize himself or herself with the game, features and the most importantly with the characters and the objections of the game. The first five levels of the game are actually introductory levels that will provide you with the information about the above mentioned features. As you will be able to notice, the first five levels of the game do not provide a player with the opportunity to play some famous features such as player vs player. These types of features are available at level 6 and higher.

    While you are playing at these first five levels it is important for you to try as many different characters as the game will allow you to. The main reason why you should do this is to provide the player with the opportunity to select the right character that suits him or her best.

    The first five levels will make you realize whether you are a fan or melee, mages or assassins. Knowing what character suits you the best may prove to be crucial in some other stages of the game and because of that selecting the right character for the game is crucially important.

    The Maps

    Before you actually start seriously playing the game you will also need to know basic information as well as to understand the general structure of Summoner’s Rift or the maps that provide places that you can play on. When it comes to the League of Legends, the maps for this game are divided into three lanes and those three lanes are TOP, MIDDLE and BOTTOM. As you will be able to notice, there is also an area between these lanes and that area is called jungle. Further on, in order to understand the gameplay and the objectives of the game you will have to know where yours and your enemy’s base are located. These bases can be found on the bottom left as well as top right corner of previously mentioned map.

    However, there are several things that determine the location where you will be placed and those things include they champion or the character that you have selected as well as the part of the map that you have selected before actually starting the game.

    Because of that, if you, for example, choose a melee character you will be place on the top lane of the Summoner’s Rift and the main reason for that is the fact that the can take or make a lot of damage. Further on, if you select a character that have solid ability power or AP as it is known in the League of Legends gaming community you will be placed in the middle lane.

    If you choose ADC as your character for the game you will be placed in the bottom lane of the map. However, there are those characters that are not connected to any lane and who mostly spend time in the jungle where they kill other monsters. These monsters have the ability to enter any type of lane and they are not limited by this feature.

    One of the most important features of this game is the map. Looking at the map every once and a while can mean life and death in this game. By constantly checking what is going on on the map, you will be able to have the clear image of the dangers and the upcoming battles.

    The best possible move for a new player is to player over and over again on different lanes and positions. In that way, he or she will be able to learn everything that needs to be known about the certain position or lane.

    Know Your Limits

    One of the most common mistakes that new players do when they play this game is that they overstep their limits and try to do something that they are not yet ready to do or they still do not have skills or abilities to do and that is when the end of the game happens. In order to avoid that, a new player needs to be aware that certain features of the characters or the game are available only at some levels of the game. The game was developed in that way for some reason.

    For example, one feature of the game that majority of players do is that they choose to play in the jungle. You need to be aware of the fact that playing in the jungle demands special skills and abilities and that playing in jungle has much more specialized role in the game than any other position on the map. Playing in jungle demands special experience, knowledge, abilities and items - that can be obtained only from the level 20 and higher. Knowing your playing limits and the limits of your character seems to be among the three most crucial things in this game.

    Learning the Language

    As you will notice upon first playing of the game, League of Legends community uses a different kind of language that might be hard to understand for a new player. Because of that and in order to fully understand what is going on in the game you need to be able to understand the meaning of certain phrases.

    For example, on many different occasions you will be faced with the abbreviation CP and you need to know that CP means ‘Creep score’ and that it represents the number of minions that you have killed by playing the game. Besides that, you need to be able to understand that ‘DRAG’ is short for dragon and it means that your teams wants to kill the big and scary monster in the game in order to win additional and valuable bonuses.

    Further on, you need to be able to understand that ‘KS’ means ‘Kill-steal’ and it means that you have stolen the credit for a kill that someone else actually did. If you take on playing in the jungle, you will have to know what ‘LEASH’ means. In the regard of playing in the jungle it means that those players playing in the jungle have the abilities to contribute to taking away the health of the monsters in the jungle or to distract those monsters while your teammates finish the job of killing the monster.

    Get to Know the Community

    One of the most important aspects of every MOBA game is the community. Every MOBA game provides their players with the Live Chat features that players can use while playing the game. League of Legends is no different. Talking with other people can be beneficial for you as a new player as well as for the already experienced players. The community with its experience can help you overcome some of the most difficult obstacles that you could not solve on your own.

    Besides that, you need to be able to let other people know that you are a new player and that you do not have much experience of playing League of Legends. By doing that you will let other players know in which situations they can count on you and your help when it comes to the battles. And there is another thing that you need to know before you actually start playing game and that is to say ‘gg’ at the end of the game. It does not matter whether or not you won that battle or you were defeated, saying ‘gg’ in the chat after the game is a sign of good behavior and courtesy when it comes to the League of Legends community.

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