How to Join a DOTA 2 Tournament
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    DOTA 2 is one of the most popular MOBAs and the eSport with the best paying international tournaments. The road from amateur level to the highest peak of professional gaming is long and twisted, but the reward is worth the effort. Casual players compete in non-ranked and ranked matches, to test their skill against equally ambitious opponents.

    DOTA 2 tournaments represent the obvious step forward and given the popularity of the game, there are plenty of such events. While players secretly hope to participate in tournaments that are broadcasted on Twitch and other streaming services, this is an honor reserved to pro-gamers. Those making their baby steps in the professional gaming arena need to start by participating in minor online competitions.

    Set Up a Team and Register

    Dwelling too much on the dreams of becoming a Pro gamer won’t help, but actually playing in minor DOTA 2 tournaments helps a lot. The first step is to assemble a five-man team, something that can be done using an in-game feature. A little practice in ranked games will help create the much-needed synergy, but the next important step is to join online tournaments.

    It pays off to sign up for several tournaments simultaneously because the process is the same and rather simple. Those who organize these events will require participants to share the names of players that make up the team. Although just five players compete in each game, most tournament hosts allow players to register teams of up to 10 members. This will allow them to shuffle players during longer competitions.

    Once the team is created, it can be used to register for several tournaments on the same platform or different ones. Organizers will display the number of available spots in each tournament and registration is normally made on a first come first serve basis. Some tournaments only accept lineup changes during the tournament, while some events allow players to use stand-ins. These are outside players who are not members of the team, but people that haven’t played any matches in the competition.

    Play by the Rules

    Joining the tournament is the first and most important step, but there are other things to keep in mind. Players need to be aware of the official schedule of each event, as the timetables include the time of each round and match. Those who don’t join the games in time are disqualified and the points are forfeited. Under exceptional circumstances, tournament organizers might accept rescheduling of matches, but this is the exception to the rule.

    DOTA 2 tournaments are getting more numerous as the MOBA game wins more fans worldwide. The prizes are getting bigger and the number of participating teams also increases in online competitions. For talented players and squads, these events represent a springboard to stardom and entry tickets to the professional gaming arena. You can find DOTA 2 tournaments easily and quickly at 1StopeSports and prove your skill against like-minded individuals with equally high expectations.

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