How to Become an eSports Player?
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    Video games are generally a source of entertainment and a pleasant pastime activity for millions of people. However, for the lucky few who have attained pro-gamer status, they are a steady and significant source of revenue. Those who want to learn how to become eSports players need to make the distinction between casual games and those played competitively. Dota 2, League of Legends, Street Fighter IV, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Call of Duty and StarCraft II are currently the most popular eSports.

    Before even considering a career as a professional player, one must make a comprehensive assessment. Players need to invest in powerful devices that will run the games glitch free. Multiplayer video games in general and eSports in particular are so competitive, that even the smallest details matter. Money is not the only resource needed to make it in this highly competitive environment, but time is just as important.

    Aspiring eSports players must understand that this path will require commitment and long hours spent playing. Weaving strategies, watching others play and analyzing professional games are on the to-do list. To finance such a career, many players resource to streaming their games, which requires even more time.

    Sign Up for Online Events

    The very nature of eSports makes them highly competitive, so players need to make the transition to multiplayer as soon as possible. Playing against the AI and even friends is a waste of time, so the emphasis is to go online as soon as possible. Game developers frequently set up leader boards for those who want to play ranked games and climb the ladder. These are great filters that will help players determine whether they have what it takes to compete at higher levels.

    Those who thrive in these leader boards need to take things to the next level and sign up for online and when possible, off-line tournaments. The magnitude of prizes is less important, so even a smaller event is worth signing up for. The reason for why participation in such events is so important if you want to become an eSports player is that they prepare you for the real thing. There’s a lot of pressure to deal with and they take players out of their comfort zone, effectively testing their steel.

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